Romantic Cabin

Room information and pricing

The Romantic Cabin can accommodate 2 people. It offers a private, romantic room with kitchen and en-suite bathroom.

The Romantic Cabin – also known as the Pool Shack – is ideal for those of you that really like a nice quiet breakaway from everything and just enjoy nature or would like to read the book you always wanted to but never get the time to do so.

The tranquil atmosphere close to the pool and the lapa make the Shak exceptional and unique to stay in.

It has braai and swimming facilities where any one can relax under some of the most loved thorn trees of our country such as the Baster Apiesdoring, Swart Apiesdoring, Blinkblaar Wag-‘n-bietjie, Soetdoring and a few well known other species.


  • Maximum of 2 guests
  • This cabin does not have a TV or air conditioning